Share Swap Agreement South Africa


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Tax losses may be withheld by the purchaser upon the acquisition of the shares, unless anti-avoidance rules apply. In fact, the shares are listed with R2m, the basic costs of the property, and not their R6m market value that you expect, so that if you sell them to the Trust for R6m, you make a taxable capital gain of R4m. This is the first success of the CGT. A seller`s concerns may vary depending on whether the acquisition is through shares or through the acquisition of assets. When the assets are acquired by the buyer. B, the CGT can be deducted from the capital gain realized at the time of the disposal of the assets. In addition, to the extent that any deductions have been invoked on the initial costs of the assets and the amount of the sale of the assets exceeds the taxable values, the seller may obtain recoveries that he should include in his gross income (as defined) and which would be subject to income tax at the normal rate of 28%. X then transfers the shares he acquired in Company A to Q, a local company, in exchange for shares in Q. In the case of M-As, the JSE`s rating requirements regulate the operations of listed companies by rules and regulations in order to ensure full, equal and timely publicity of all security holders and to give them the opportunity to review and vote in advance on important changes in the company`s activities and affairs.

The following sections address issues that should be considered when considering the acquisition of assets or shares. The pros and cons of each option will be summarized at the end of this report. Non-residents are subject to the CGT only with capital gains from the sale of certain South African real estate properties, including real estate, a stake in such real estate (i.e. a stake of at least 20 per cent in a company in which at least 80 per cent of the market value of the company`s shares are directly or indirectly held by real estate other than commercial shares) and assets belonging to a stable establishment in South Africa. However, in accordance with international practice and South African tax treaties, non-residents are not required to pay respect to the CGT for other assets, such as Z.B. Participations in a South African company, unless the value of the assets is due to real estate in South Africa (which varies according to the contract). According to s42, you must wait 18 months before selling the company`s shares to the Trust. No problem. When a debt is the subject of a concession or compromise (for example. B, debt cancellation, a change in terms of sale or the issuance of shares of a market value below the face value of the loan), a “debt advantage” may result. The amount of debt is added to revenue and taxed at 28 per cent, as long as the liability financed tax-deductible expenses. To the extent that the liability financed the acquisition of assets, the tax burdens of the assets are reduced by the amount of the reduction.