Trade Agreement Between Us And Chile


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As shown in Figure 2, Chile has diversified export markets, which not only increases trade opportunities, but also reduces dependence on a small number of markets, thereby reducing the risk of foreign shocks (e.g. B Argentina). The largest export market is the European Union, which accounted for 23% of exports in 2002, followed by the United States (20%) and Latin America (19%). Japan accounted for 11% of Chilean exports and the rest of Asia 17%. These figures reflect some relative changes over the past decade, as shown in the growth patterns in Figure 1. The share of the European Union and Japan in Exports from Chile and to Latin America declined. Although Chile`s exports to Latin America increased in the 1990s, slow regional growth reduced its export market share at the turn of the century. Other critical issues that were addressed were environmental and labor legislation, open government procurement rules, improved access to trade in services, and better U.S. protection. . . .